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Dart Container

Company Overview

Dart Container Corporation is a privately owned company based out of Mason Michigan, just South of Lansing. The company is comprised of fifteen domestic plants located around the United States, as well as five international plants. Dart Container also has a separate sales company, a real estate company, and a development company. The Dart family owns these entities, and play active roles in the decision making process for them.

Dart Container started out as a small machine shop whose main products were identification tags, or “dog tags” for the armed services. After experimenting with polystyrene, the company moved forward into the disposable cup business. Once it mastered the foam cup market, it also began experimenting with plates, bowls, cutlery and other containers. They also moved into plastic dinner wear as well. This experimentation and willingness to grow continues at Dart today, with new products constantly in production. Dart Container has now grown to be an industry leader, and has branched into other areas of business as well. The company is largely self- sufficient in that it not only produces and ships its product, but it also produces the machinery that makes the product. This innovative strategy has helped Dart to save money, as well as provide steady jobs to employees.

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